Saturday, October 27, 2018

Alt-Right Loon Kills At Least 8 At Pittsburgh Synagogue (UPDATED)

A gunman, identified as Robert Bowers, 46, walked into the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA, this morning shouting "All Jews must die!" then shot and killed at least 8 congregants:
Congregants near the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh were ambushed on Saturday morning by a man who opened fire with multiple weapons. According to on-scene reports, the shooter shouted “All Jews must die” as he was firing into those present. 
At 11:30 ET, news reports indicate that 8 people have died, and 12 are wounded including at least 3 police officers who responded to the shooting. First reports of the shooting came in around 10:45 ET, while the web site for the Tree of Life shows that Shabbat services began at 9:45, suggesting that the gunman may have assaulted the congregation as the service was ending. Reports indicate that four people were killed on the main floor of the synagogue. The shooter then killed more people in the basement of the synagogue. One person may have been killed outside the building.
He's a far- right,  anti- Semitic, anti- refugee crackpot:

Re HIAS --
HIAS (founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) is an American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees.

More to come.

UPDATEHe's a white nationalist QAnon nut, of course.

UPDATE II:  The death toll is now 11.


donnah said...

My sense of outrage and despair is at another all-time high. This shooter represents a wide swath of people who feel so much hate that they have to act on it violently. Contrast that to those of us who also feel outrage, but channel it into canvassing, making phone calls, or expressing ourselves angrily but without actual actions against others. Yes, this guy and the pipe bomb builder are extremists, but they are now backed by and encouraged by our own president and his band of thugs. We are in times of internal upheaval, lead by inciters.

Trump is doing this, knowingly and gladly. He has help from the likes of Stephan Miller and other Nazi sympathizers, and he has no remorse or regrets for encouraging this type of violence. We cannot pass this off as isolated behavior, we cannot let the Right wingers squawk about false flags and all of their other crap. We have to pin every violent act right where it belongs, on Trump.

By the way, I voted today. My husband, son, and I went downtown and voted early. We used paper ballots and I put it into the ballot box myself. Let's hope it makes its way safely to be counted.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah - can't add to your comments. Voting here Monday.