Saturday, October 27, 2018

QOTD: Words

"Donald Trump has been standing at a mirror summoning a demon for the past three years. But he can honestly say he had no idea his words would summon any demon at all. He is sufficiently cretinous to see no connection between reality and the world he has been working so hard to evoke. These are magic words he uses to get people to the polls, and if the way they get to the polls is on the back of a historical monster, it is no great matter.

Here is a terrifying story: There is an ominous caravan, filled with dog whistles and nightmares. Another: We will have a tax cut by the election. Never mind that these are lies. Never mind that these are impossibilities. They are only words. Words do not matter." -- Alexandra Petri, in today's Washington Post, on the "scary stories" the rancid, self- serving monster in the White (Supremacist) House likes to tell to gullible dolts in order to achieve his purposes, regardless of the harm it does to us all.

This morning's mass shooting in Pittsburgh was perpetrated by someone who thought refugees were "invaders" "that kill our people."  Where do you suppose that idea, and Cesar Sayoc's fever dreams about "enemies of the people," came from?

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donnah said...

Speaking of words, where are the words of shock and dismay from our Republican leaders about the recent Trump-fueled tragedies? Oh, right, they're all on break. Heaven forbid they take a minute from their recess to speak out against the murders and threatened murders of innocent people and their fellow representatives.

Trump is the cancerous tumor, but the Republicans are all tainted cells that rush around spreading the disease everywhere. They've infiltrated our government and our agencies and our neighborhoods, infecting their followers with the sickness of hate and anger. They own this mess, they made it bigger and worsened it.

If we lose the midterm advantage, we are at ground zero. But even if we win, the struggle to repair damages done to our democracry will be uphill all the way. We may face more physical violence than we see now. We're in for the fight of our lives, politically and otherwise.