Thursday, May 7, 2020

Fundie Hucksters And COVID "Cures"

We've noted that felonious adulterer and Bible-banging con artist Jim "Faker" Bakker was warned two months ago by the State Attorney General of New York to quit peddling his fraudulent COVID-19 "cure". Bakker's concoction, which he calls "Silver Solution" is a mix of  deionized water and pure silver, has no curative or therapeutic value for treating COVID-19 or anything else for that matter. It is a classic move by con men like Bakker to exploit confusion and fear for personal financial gain (which is his religious business model as well). Bottles of "Silver Solution" are provided in exchange for a "contribution" to Bakker of from $80 to $125. The FDA and FTC also warned Bakker and six other companies to stop selling their fraudulent products back in March.

Now, Bakker's facing a suit by the State of Missouri -- hardly a bastion of liberal secularists -- and a class action lawsuit to force him to quit hawking his sham "solution" to the public. Bakker's filed a motion to dismiss the State suit on the grounds of the First Amendment and religious freedom, which Bakker presumably believes includes freedom to commit consumer fraud.

Another unhinged religious entrepreneur was slapped with a Federal injunction last month for selling "Miracle Mineral Solution," which turns out to be industrial bleach, as a cure for COVID-19. The Washington state "Genesis II Church of Hope and Healing" has been pushing bleach for some time as a cure for everything from AIDS to cancer and Alzheimer's.

With ignoramus and desperate buffoon Donald "Disinfectant Donnie" Trump looking at injecting disinfectant into humans to kill the coronavirus, it's not hard to imagine his pay-to-pray fundie cult members swallowing it....literally.

(photo: Behold, another way to fleece the flock. Praise Jeebus and send me your money.)


donnah said...

If you're a Republican, just go directly to jail. No matter what, you're a criminal. Just go.

Infidel753 said...

You can get away with almost anything if you claim it's religious. I'm in the wrong racket.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- Let the frog march begin.

Infidel -- And Bakker et. al. are certainly going to try. It's a business for them, always has been.