Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Hearings On Capitol Security Breach Begin


A series of hearings in the Senate and House begin today to address the security failures manifested during the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.  Here are the schedules:

Tuesday, February 23:

Wednesday, February 24:

  • Who: House Judiciary Committee, domestic terrorism experts
  • Focus: This hearing will narrow in more on the warning signs and signals prior to the attack on the Capitol and hear more from experts.

Thursday, February 25:

  • Who: House Financial Services Committee
  • Focus: Titled "Dollars Against Democracy: Domestic Terrorist Financing in the Aftermath of the Insurrection," this hearing will look at the financial impact of the insurrection and at policing and security measures.

All hearings start at 10 a.m. EST each day.

These hearings are not to be confused with the 9/11- style independent commission that Speaker Pelosi has called for and which will have a more comprehensive mission, including "the facts and causes" of the January 6 insurrection (eg., Mango Mussolini's role in inciting the mob, and ties with right- wing domestic terrorist networks).

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