Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Singular Moment In Garland's Senate Hearing


The first day of Federal Judge Merrick Garland's Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing to be the next Attorney General showed him to be exceptionally qualified for that position. Insurrectionist hacks like Sens. Ted "Cancun Cruz" Cruz and Josh "Haw Haw" Hawley tried to dirty him up with diversionary questions about Black Lives Matter protests and defunding the police. Theatrical Sen. John Neely Kennedy put on his cornpone accent (perfected after graduating from Oxford, no doubt) to yack about "implicit bias." But all of that became performative chaff in the wind after Sen. Cory Booker asked Judge Garland about how his family history relates to the position he's been nominated for. As the saying goes, you could hear a pin drop during his response:

Judge Garland will be confirmed by an overwhelming bipartisan vote both in the Judiciary Committee, and in the full Senate, save for the usual far-right seditionist cranks. If this hearing was any indication, he may turn out to be one of those rare Attorneys General for the ages.

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