Sunday, December 4, 2022

Quotes Of The Day -- On Trump's "Termination" Of The Constitution

[Originating "Truth Social" statement by the Malignant Loser here]

"Donald Trump lost by 7 million votes in 2020 and his calls to undermine our democracy cost his party key races in 2022. The continued silence by Republican leaders, including his potential primary competitors, shows a MAGA party that is beholden to Trumpism, his divisive rhetoric, and his extreme positions." -- Democratic National Committee.


"Days after Trump dined with men who praise Hitler and the Nazis, he demands the ‘termination’ of the Constitution’s electoral process so he can be illegally reinstated. Trump’s words and actions are unacceptable, they stoke hatred and political violence, and they are dangerous." -- Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA).


"January 6 was Donald Trump’s attempt at terminating the US Constitution. He’s a repeat offender." -- Rep. Richie Torres (D-NY). 


"=Crickets=" -- The vast majority of the craven Republican Seditionist Party.

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