Monday, February 23, 2009

An Ad Waiting to Happen

We hope the DNC is going to be putting ads up in States whose Rethug governors are posturing about declining their States' stimulus money. You know, the "true believers" like Bobby "Jingle" Jindal (LA), Haley "No Bail-y" Barbour (MS), and Mark "It's the Big One Lamont" Sanford (SC), all jockeying for the furthest right position for 2012.

Here's what we would say:

"Gov. [insert wingnut's name here] is declining recovery money meant for the people of [insert wingnut's State here]. This is federal money - your tax dollars - meant to help the people of [wingnut's State]. So what happens to your money? [Insert clips of Govs. Schwarzenegger, Crist, Granholm, et al, saying "I'll take their money!"].

"Gov. [insert wingnut's name here]: not doing what's right for the people of [wingnut's State]!"

Please note all come from Deep South, deep red states, many of whose population thinks the Civil War is still on. Even so, maybe a message like this might register.

(Photo: Gov. [insert Rethug governor's name here])

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