Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Where the Angriest Words Can Lead"

Speaking of Gauleiter Hannity, Colbert King's op/ed in today's WaPo, "Where the Angriest Words Can Lead," discusses the consequences of the extreme right's increasingly vicious slurs on those it disagrees with. O'Really? is mentioned for his role in demonizing the late Dr. George Tiller. Hannity and Limpballs also come in for specific opprobrium:

"And they must know how their characterization of Obama goes over with those Americans who live in fear that all they hold dear is coming under attack by a fascist in the White House."

Fascist, indeed. How ironic that the extreme right has been trying to define Obama as a "fascist," a system that mirrors their fevered, exclusionary ideology and "big lie" approach.

(UPDATE: Think we're exaggerating? Just for a sampling of the pond-scum life forms out there that believe what Fox Nutwork tells them, check out the weekly Saturday hate mail summary Daily Kos publishes. Wow!)

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