Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tweedledee Departs, Tweedledum Arrives

The long anticipated canning of NBC's  Press the Meat host David "Dancin' Dave" Gregory is official:  NBC announced his departure from the program and from the network this afternoon.  This follows months of the network letting the arrogant Dancin' Dave twist in the wind as speculation about his future spread.  His replacement, Chuck "Not My Job" Todd, will drop some of his current functions in order to host the program, which slipped during Dancin' Dave's tenure.

As we noted on August 11, NBC may think it's bringing in a fresh perspective, but Not My Job is cut from the same Beltway media, false "centrist" cloth which stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that the Republican / New Confederate / Stupid Party has gone off the political deep end and is on the wrong side of public opinion on virtually every major issue.

(photo:  Dancin' Dave, left, with Turdblossom Rove in one of Dancin' Dave's most memorable performances)

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